Clifton Engagement Ring Presentation Case

I recently proposed to my girlfriend of five years (she said yes, you’ll be pleased to hear!). I chose to propose whilst away on holiday, which posed challenges with keeping it a surprise until the right moment. I was worried about getting the ring through airport security without them giving my game away, but I was more concerned about how to present the ring nicely when I proposed, whilst being able to conceal it until then.

Most rings come in a presentation box of some kind. These are usually perfectly nice, but reasonably bulky. As I was intending to propose in New York in September, the weather was pretty warm, so I wasn’t wearing a coat, or anything with a lot of scope for concealing a bulky ring presentation case.

Not long before we were due to go away to New York, I came across the Clifton presentation case, by a Vancouver based packaging designer called Andrew Zo. He’d designed a presentation case that elegantly answered my problem. His case is slim and small, about the size of a credit card and around 1cm thick. Here it is below against an iPhone 5 for a size comparison:

The case holds the ring flat, but when opened, via some origami genius, it swivels the ring, so it’s presented upright in all its glistening glory…

(image credit Andrew Zo –

With only just over a week to go until we flew to New York, I got in touch with Andrew to make sure he’d be able to get a case to me in time before I submitted an order via the website. Andrew was really helpful and understanding of my timescale predicament, despite high demand for the product. In the end, I paid for an express UPS delivery, which though expensive, got the case to me in time.

The case works really well and holds the ring snugly, presenting it beautifully. It’s expensive, at $99CAD but I figured you can’t put a price on that special moment and once converted to GBP, it works out at a more palatable £55 or so, depending on the exchange rate. If you’d like one, you can order online here:

Here you can see my case open, showing where the ring slots into the holder and the cut-outs where it lives when closed:


A brilliant idea that elegantly solves a real problem for nervous men the world over. It’s pricey, but it’s also beautifully hand made from quality materials. I’m really glad I bought one and it served its purpose perfectly.


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