RAM Mount

I mount my iPhone 5 on my car’s windscreen with a RAM Mount windscreen suction mount, paired with the iPhone 5 cradle. I’ve been using it for a few days now, so thought I’d write a post with my views on it.

The RAM Mount comes in two parts; the windscreen suction mount and a separate iPhone 5 cradle that then bolts on to the suction mount. This approach makes the RAM Mount pretty flexible and means that when I next change my phone, I can just buy a new cradle and re-use the suction mount, saving a bit of money. You can buy all sorts of different cradles (and for that matter, all manner of different mounting apparatus) from RAM Mount. RAM Mount are a US firm, but you can order from their RAM Mount UK website, as well as a number of re-sellers.

Here’s a few pics of my mount:Image



You can see in the above pics the suction cup that mounts to the windscreen, with a screw mechanism used to tighten it. I’ve used many windscreen suction mounts for sat-navs etc in the past and they’ve been almost universally hopeless. This one is different, it’s yet to come unstuck and feels rock solid when attached. Two thumbs up from me!

Between the suction mount and the iPhone 5 cradle are two knuckle joints, which can be adjusted to set the angle of your phone. The thumbscrew in the middle is then used to tighten the joints so that they stay where you’ve set them. This works really well and the mount feels ever so solid when set up. My only gripe is that it’s not as flexible as I’d hoped and the range of positions that you can set is quite limited. For example, I can’t get it set up on my windscreen so that my iPhone’s camera doesn’t have the suction cup in its view without also having the phone’s screen tilted too far towards, or away from me. I’m sure there’s a more flexible version available, possibly with an additional knuckle, but it’s a minor gripe that I can live with for the moment.


An impressively sturdy mount, expensive, but I suspect less so over time, as parts of it can be re-used for several devices. The only real downside being the slight lack of flexibility when positioning.


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