Dash Cam

Since being involved in a crash where the woman responsible tried to wriggle out of the blame, I’ve been keen on the idea of a dash cam. Having looked into available hardware, I was surprised how few devices there are on the market, the lack of any major brands and the poor quality of those available. After pondering options for a while, I came to the conclusion that my phone contains everything required to make a reasonably good dash cam, so I started looking for apps. The following struck me as the best looking apps available for the iPhone:

Having looked at the features and interfaces of the above, I decided to give Carcorder a go. I’ll update as I get to play with it.

To go with the app, I’ve bought a RAM Mount to attach my iPhone 5 to my car’s windscreen via a suction cup. This ought to be good kit given reviews I read before purchasing, but again, I’ll update with my experiences.

UPDATE: I’ve written a separate blog post on my RAM Mount

UPDATE: I’ve also written a post about Carcorder


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